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Effective project management is key to successful ERP implementation. Careful planning, execution, and monitoring ensure timelines are met, budgets are adhered to, and project scope is well-defined. The result: implementation of well-configured software, consistent and reliable data, and well-trained end-users, leading to smooth business operations.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. It is common to find project management limit itself to implementation, ignoring stakeholder engagement and open communication that are necessary to foster a culture of change and buy-in from end-users. – by prioritizing effective project management – ensures ERP implementations are successful, delivering value and meeting your expectations.

Gartner estimates that 55% to 75% of all Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects fail to meet their objectives. Poor project management is among the causes.

Why choose for project turnarounds

Backed by our experience in turning around multiple projects for clients who struggled to implement Microsoft Dynamics, we are a trusted partner of choice for Microsoft Dynamics project rescues and takeovers. We understand that successful projects do not require just software resellers but implementation partners with a great track record. They require business process consultants, change management experts, certified project managers, experienced integration and customization engineers, high-value quality analysts, and reliable and responsive support teams. And this is exactly what we bring in.

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A helping hand to get you back on track

Through our vast experience in Microsoft Dynamics implementations as well as project rescues, we have developed a successful approach for project turnarounds. This approach addresses issues ranging from managing stakeholder expectations to key challenges that you have encountered during daily operations. It allows you to be better prepared for future requirements that can arise during the solution’s lifecycle in today’s accelerating, ever-changing digital world.

Transforming projects through experience:’s winning approach

  • Analyze and understand all aspects of your business
  • Analyze the change management process
  • Ensure the underlying platform can support the system infrastructure
  • Review of key focus areas by our senior consultants
  • A high-level business process review focusing on current solution issues and key deliverables that you require
  • Include technical aspects around the development lifecycle, environments, documentation, data migration, and test methodology
  • Review of code using the Microsoft toolset, taking into account best practices for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (Azure DevOps) and Dynamics Lifecycle Services
  • A walkthrough session onsite to present the findings and recommendations to a core interest group from your organization
  • Submission of a report, which includes highlights of the key findings and the appropriate change recommendations across the following key focus areas:
    • Code review for best practices
    • ISV solutions
    • Application life cycle management
    • Development life cycle
    • Environments and versions
    • Testing methodology
    • Technical documentation
    • Online user help
    • Technical data migration
    • BI and reporting approach
    • Program management
    • Top 10 key business deliverables and solution requirements


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