From AI-powered assistants, ability to track flexible work patterns, and functionalities for payroll export tables, evergreen HCM empowers every individual in a professional services firm to perform better.
Professional Services firms know the importance of attracting and retaining top talent. In an industry where your people are your biggest asset, delivering an excellent employee experience isn’t an option, it’s an imperative. The best firms realize the importance of employee experience and invest in technology-driven initiatives to meet and exceed employee expectations. Investments today are focused on removing friction and optimizing how employees’ time gets spent – not just in helping them to get their jobs done, but also to help them perform at their best.
evergreen legal
evergreen HCM from is a step in the direction of elevating employee experience. This standalone product for Human Resources leverages the HR functionalities that are a part of Dynamics 365 Finance to create systems around convenience and empower every individual across a professional services firm with a seamless user experience.

What’s in evergreen HCM?

empower assistant

empower assistant is an AI-Powered ‘assistant’ embedded in Microsoft Teams. The application brings functionalities, information, and notifications into Teams – an application where employees spend most time on a workday – rather than driving them to multiple applications.

empower assistant comes with packs that provide additional functionality to growing needs. These include broadcast notices such as timesheet reminders, register of interest, leave and absence requests where employees can inform line managers of their absence, update out-of-office messages, complete timesheets for days off, and more.

empower pulse

Also included in this release of evergreen HCM is empower pulse where users can review their daily task lists, view their projects, record time, manage leave and absence along with other activities that an individual needs to be aware of.

Working patterns

In today’s workplace where flexible hours and remote work are the norm, project managers in professional services firms have to monitor varying schedules. evergreen HCM offers features that allows for the ability to view and maintain working patterns for employees and contractors within evergreen.

  • View working patterns across all legal entities
  • Store weekly contractual hours on the position
  • Display visually an employee’s working pattern across a week view
  • View the average total of working hours per week
Access to this information will not only save precious time for project managers but will also boost productivity.

Payroll exports for new starters

evergreen HCM can act as a payroll interface enabling data exchange between evergreen and any third-party payroll system. Data is exported from evergreen where firms maintain employee data to the third-party payroll system in specific templates to perform the payroll processing function.

In this release, the functionality enables payroll export and generates an electronic format for a large payroll provider, ADP. The solution is configurable and legal-entity specific. We will be working with other payroll providers to provide out-of-the-box templates for them too.

Extension to diversity declaration self-service

Future releases of evergreen HCM will include enhancements to manage work patterns for full-time employees (FTEs), payroll export for changes, and electronic reporting tools. empower pulse will also be enhanced with services for exposing sickness, leave, and missing timesheets.

What’s next?

While the previous release provided an employee with the ability to add their “diversity declaration” via the employee self-service, we have extended the ability to monitor further information via Diversity monitoring, based on feedback we received. This includes gender identity (which offers more flexibility than the standard fields), type of education, birth gender status, career status and needs, and more.