You don’t have to wait for processes to break and raise tickets for solutions. With Managed Services for your Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions, you get proactive support that prevents issues.

Managed services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM: What is it?

The expectations from the CIO and the IT team have increased. On top of the regular maintenance work of all the systems and software solutions, they are expected to contribute to the strategic growth of the business. With their expanded roles, IT teams have found value in outsourcing the mundane maintenance work to Managed Services Partners.

A Managed Services Partner can take the load off from the IT teams, and a strategic partner who understands your industry, your business processes, and the full stack of Microsoft solutions will be able to do much more.

A strategic partner will be able to:

  • Anticipate issues with your systems and proactively solve them
  • Manage all your Microsoft solutions throughout their lifecycle
  • Offer advice on the industry best practices, new technologies, and cost reduction tactics

Why you should consider Managed Services for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

Microsoft has upgraded all its legacy solutions like Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV. However, many businesses continue to use these solutions by either working with a Microsoft Partner or by relying on their in-house IT teams. A Managed Services Partner can help you run your existing solutions efficiently or if you are on the latest Dynamics 365 solution, you can expand your IT team’s capabilities while ensuring peak performance of your systems.

When you work with a Managed Services Partner with the right expertise, you can:

  • Reduce risk by ensuring systems perform as expected
  • Prepare for software updates and improve testing with automation
  • Manage all your customizations and third-party solutions

How can you get the most value from Dynamics 365 Managed Service or support?

What happens when one of your team members is faced with a difficult issue to solve? How long will take to read through all the Microsoft documents to find the solution?

Now, imagine your team members had someone they could consult with to get expert advice when they need it.

A Managed Services Partner will be able to offer training, advice on licensing, and help manage your systems with an aim to maximize efficiency while optimizing costs.

How delivers value through Managed Services and support? has been serving clients for over 30+ years. Our 100% Microsoft focus helps us cover the full range of solutions across Dynamics ERP/CRM solutions, Power Platform, and Azure, supporting over 600,000 Dynamics users across the globe every day.

When you partner with, you can expect:

  • A follow-the-sun support model with the strategically located Global Service Centers that ensure you have real-time access to support executives
  • Advisory services across the full range of Microsoft solutions
  • Support, advice, and ad-hoc services around automated testing, data strategy, Power Platform, and more

Want to know how you can engage as your Managed Services Partner? Start by taking this short assessment to determine what plan will suit your needs.