Modern businesses need to support their employees by giving them access to data from anywhere, using any device. The mobile application for Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you do just that.

Microsoft has rebranded Dynamics CRM as Dynamics 365. This is more than a name change. The new mobile solutions for Dynamics 365 not only cover the CRM functionality like Customer Insights, Sales, and Marketing, but also brings together ERP capabilities, making it a complete solution for all your needs or you can choose specific modules you need and connect them to your existing systems.

Does Dynamics 365 CRM work on mobile phones or tablet devices?

Having access to data on-the-go is now an essential component of the digital transformation of all businesses. Microsoft has made it easy for everyone in your organization to access what they need while working remotely, preparing for a client meeting, or analyzing data.

You can download Dynamics 365 for phones and Dynamics 365 for tablets from the Windows Store, Apple App Store, or Google Play store. After you sign-in to the application, you will have access to all the relevant modules as needed for your role like Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Marketing, and others. You will also be able to access the Power Platform and use the applications and functions deployed by your business.

Want to further secure your data?

  • You can specify conditions for accessing the data to reduce unauthorized access within your business
  • You can use the Conditional Access Policies to analyze users, devices, and locations
  • You can block users from accessing the applications from specific locations

Whatever customizations you need, you can make them once and the same can be deployed across the applications for phones and tablets.

What can you do with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications on the mobile or tablet? You get the same level of functionality you get when you login from the browser. If you are using the Sales application, for example, you will be able to track all your leads and opportunities.

What devices, OS, and browsers are supported for Dynamics 365 CRM mobile App?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications can be used on mobile and tablet devices that run iOS (version 13 or later with a minimum of 1 GB RAM, but recommended RAM is 2 GB) and Android (version 7.1.1 or later with minimum 2 GB RAM, but recommended RAM is 3 GB). You can also use the applications on all your devices running Windows 10.

You can also run the customer engagement applications on the web browser on your tablet. The supported devices are Apple iPad (version 13 or later with a screen size of 9-inch or larger for iPad and 7.9 inch for iPad Mini), Android tablets (version 7.1.1 or later), and Windows tablets and PC using Windows 10.

The supported browsers include the latest versions of popular browsers like Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

You may encounter some issues while opening an Excel worksheet using the Safari browser. You can get around this issue by right-clicking the file, choose Get Info, Open with, and then select Excel.

Common issues you may encounter and how to solve them in Dynamics 365 on phones

When you see the error message: Your device configuration is preventing sign-in.

If you see this message, it probably means that your company is using Microsoft Intune that is using a secure sign-in process. In most cases, re-starting your mobile should solve this problem. If not, you have to locate the authenticator app on your device. You should find it in the folder where you manage applications under settings.

The other common error message is: Your server is not available or does not support this application.

This happens when the server is down or you are not connected to the server. The other reason for this error is that you are using a device or an operating system that is not supported. Or you may be using an invalid URL. To check if the URL is correct, check if it works on your browser.

To find out more about such common issues and how to resolve them, you can go through this article from Microsoft.