Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps growing businesses by breaking down silos and connecting different departments. All this and more with automation features, flexibility in deployment, and a mobile app.

Does Microsoft Dynamics NAV have a mobile app?

The big change that businesses across the globe have seen over the years is the need to empower teams with access to information through mobile devices. Microsoft launched a mobile app for Dynamics NAV to help businesses get more value out of the solution. The benefit of the app is evident in the recent past with the need to stay connected without having to visit the office.

The Dynamics NAV app is free to use and anyone can download it, but you need to have the NAV ERP to access its features.

You can download the Dynamics NAV app from the Windows App Store, App store (Apple), or Google Play for your Windows, iOS, or Android device. The app can be used for tablet devices as well for Android and iOS operating systems.

Overview of Microsoft Dynamics NAV app features

The look and feel of the application isn’t very different from the Dynamics NAV system. If you are familiar with the layout, features, and navigation of the ERP, you will find the app design to be very similar and intuitive to use.

Having access to information after office hours or when you are on the move is easy with the Dynamics NAV app. Whether you want to make last-minute preparations before an important client meeting or want to work on a presentation in peace at your home, you will have access to your data from your mobile device.

The main features of the Dynamics NAV app include:

  • Unified dashboard of the entire business on the home screen with the option to drill down
  • Access to and management of data related to clients, vendors, inventory, finances, etc.
  • Ability to approve documents or send them for approval
  • Upload pictures from your phone directly into Dynamics NAV
  • Export data into Excel for analysis or to share with your team

What can you do with the Dynamics NAV app?

With role-specific access in the app, the first thing you will notice when you login is that you have access to the same dashboard you have in the Dynamics NAV ERP. So, if you are a salesperson, you will have access to the same customized tiles you have with information such as open sales orders and quotes under Sales Order Processor, etc. in the home screen. Another user with a different role will have access to the view that has been configured for that role in the home screen.

In terms of functionality, you will not find much of a difference when you use the app. For example, if a salesperson wants to access details of the client before a meeting, the app shows the same access starting from the name of the client, company, address, etc. You will also have the option to view the address of the company on a map, just as you would when using Dynamics NAV in the office.

Want the next level of mobile access?

Dynamics NAV is now Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This is more than a name change. With Business Central, you get a cloud-based solution that will help you manage your business with all the functionality of Dynamics NAV along with new features and benefits that will help you step up your business performance.

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