As the needs of Professional Services businesses change and the level of complexities increases, Human Resources (HR) teams need the support of workforce management software to remain efficient.

Professional Services firms today must tackle changing client needs on the one hand and the struggles of attracting and retaining top talent on the other. What would help is a workforce management software that accurately measures performance, delivers routine HR functions, and offers much more.

With so many choices available in the market, it is difficult for HR leaders to choose. Most solutions help you track employee absence, set employee hours for different types of employees’ engagement (full time, part-time, contract), and manage the payrolls and the different combinations of benefits packages. However, such features are still meeting yesterday’s needs.

What HR leaders need today is not just the ability to manage the present and have insights about the past, but also the ability to forecast future needs and prepare the business to meet them.

More advanced solutions help you manage the operational aspects of the HR function, and also help build, deliver, and track HR programs. They are nimble, yet powerful, and can scale up to meet future needs. The solution should be able to connect with existing systems and offer the best employee experience, from recruitment and onboarding to engagement and performance improvement.

Why do you need workforce management software?

Capable HR teams are able to perform all the needed functions on their own. However, their abilities are amplified when they use a software that is meant specifically for their function, with automation features and data-driven insights that can help the team make better decisions. Use of a software also means lower chances of human error, improved productivity, and more time for the team to focus on strategic initiatives.

The use of in-built AI can help your team become more proactive and use forecasts to make plans rather than having a reactive approach and scramble for solutions under pressure. Most importantly, if you choose a cloud-based workforce management software it will help the business reduce costs on all the IT infrastructure and maintenance expenses.

Choosing the right HR workforce management software will not only make your team more efficient, but also improve the profit margins of the business.

What to look for when selecting an HR workforce management software?

Cost is perhaps always at the top of mind when HR leaders choose software. While there are many solutions available to meet all kinds of budget requirements, there are other, more pressing considerations that you must look at before thinking about the price. Some of these are:

  • Has the solution been deployed by others in your industry, and does it enjoy a good reputation among your peers?
  • Is the solution nimble enough to adapt to your business needs or will the vendor recommend you adjust your processes to fit the solution?
  • How robust is the back-end analytics and will you get all the reports you need, along with the option to create custom reports when needed?
  • Will the new solution integrate with the existing systems?
  • Are there ready-to-use dashboards that help make sense of the data and easy to access critical information quickly?
  • Can the team access data on any device and is that access secure?
  • Is the solution future-ready with regular updates to bring in new features and options?
  • Is the solution easy to use and will there be reliable support for training and to handle any post-go live issues?

Given all the requirements of HR leaders, one of the solutions you can consider is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

Choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources for Professional Services Firms

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources is a cloud-based workforce management solution that can modernize your HR operations and help your team perform tasks faster. Some of the reasons why you should choose this solution are:

  • Microsoft is a known name that has been in the industry for a long time and has gained the required expertise to deploy solutions to meet the specific requirements of different businesses
  • Highly customizable that can easily incorporate your custom business logic that can also reduce the time-to-value
  • In-built analytics that is AI-driven, which helps you gain meaningful insights from your data and make forecasts to help you prepare for changing needs of your business
  • Easily integrates with different solutions, especially with the other Microsoft solutions you know and use like Outlook and Microsoft Teams
  • Create custom dashboards with Power BI and visualize data
  • Regular updates happen in the cloud, which helps you access the latest features quickly without affecting your day-to-day operations
  • The intuitive design makes it easy to use with little to no training required

We, at, have been helping clients transform their HR operations by implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources. We are 100% focused on Microsoft solutions and our consultants have implementation experience in over 80 countries. Learn more about us and discover how we can be the reliable, strategic partner you are looking for.